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Mike Perillo | Waukegan Illinois Attorney
Mike Perillo | Waukegan Illinois Attorney
Mike Perillo | Waukegan Illinois Attorney
Mike Perillo | Waukegan Illinois Attorney
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Internet Resources

The following internet links are provided as a public service. The law firm of Noonan Perillo Ltd. is not associated with any of these links or organizations, and assumes no responsibility for the content of any of the linked sites.

Office of the Illinois Secretary of Statewww.idph.state.il.us
This site contains useful information regarding Illinois corporations, driver's license information, locations for driver's license facilities, information regarding DUI laws in the State of Illinois and other important information.

Illinois Department of Professional Regulation
This site provides information regarding registration of many professionals in the State of Illinois including physicians and allied health professions. This site also provides banking and financial information in addition to information regarding insurance matters in the State of Illinois.

Illinois Department of Public Health
This website contains press releases regarding public health matters. This site also contains information regarding adoption records and birth and death records. Information regarding nursing homes within the State of Illinois is also provided.

Lake County Local Government Home Page
This is the homepage for Lake County (Illinois) local county government offices. The site contains quite a bit of information including news releases, links to various county offices and information regarding location elections, property taxes, child support issues and sex offender registration.

Illinois State Police
The Illinois State Police homepage includes information regarding traffic matters, firearm information, sex offender information and news releases concerning the department.

Lake County (Illinois) Circuit Court Clerk
The homepage for the Lake County (Illinois) Clerk of the Circuit Court includes useful information regarding the Lake County Court System. Some of the information included pertains to child support, civil and criminal matters in the Lake County Court System, filing fees, passports and small claims matters. This site also contains a link to various forms used in court cases in the 19th Judicial Circuit (Waukegan, Illinois).

Illinois General Assembly
The homepage for the Illinois State Legislature provides information regarding both the Illinois Senate and State House. Representatives are listed by name; various bills sponsored by each legislature are listed. Updates are provided regarding pending Illinois legislation and laws.

Illinois Department of Corrections
The homepage for The Illinois Department of Corrections includes a database of current inmates with additional information regarding sentencing and release dates as to each individual. Victim assistance information is also provided in addition to a frequently asked questions page.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. Individuals with questions or issues in any area of the law should consult a qualified attorney licensed to practice in the individualís state or jurisdiction.
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